March 2012

Transplant Romance

"He gave her his kidney. She gave him her heart. Transplants and romance when Sick, Sad World continues"


If you google the phrase “kidney transplant romance,” you'll find an entire page of books on devoted solely to kidney transplant romance novels. I am not even making this up. Similarly, if you google the phrase “heart transplant romance” you'll find the Amazon page for heart transplant romance novels, such as “A Valentine Heart” by M. Latron:


"George Valentine thought he could live forever on love alone. The day he died he gave his heart to another man who was in desperate need. Little did George know that he would be giving Ernest Harper more than just his heart, and that his wife Amy would finally find a way to heal."

Microbial Hanky-Panky

"Are microbes having sex in your drinking water? H-2-aooh! next, on Sick, Sad World."



Okay, I admit it. I didn't really pay any attention at all in my high school biology class, and I don't really have a very clear idea about how cells reproduce. I'm pretty sure they just split in half and then go about their separate business- kind of like skipping right to the divorce stage without even dating first- but I don't think that counts as having sex.

On The Plausibility Of Killer House Plants

"Death wore velvety green. Homicidal house plants, next on Sick, Sad World."

I haven't seen “Day of the Triffids” since I was a kid, when they played it as part of the Creature Double Feature on Saturday mornings, home of Godzilla vs Just About Everything. Triffids are either alien plants or mutated plants, I think it depends on which version of the movie you watch. Either way, they like to eat you, usually after blinding you first. This might seem farfetched, but I consider it a perfectly realistic plot concept. We already know that there are meat-eating plants, ambush predators that eat little creatures unlucky enough to wander into range.