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Jesus On A Penny

"Next on Sick, Sad World: hoax, or vision? Some people in Florida claim they've seen the face of Jesus... on a penny!"

If anyone ever thought he saw the face of Jesus on a penny, it was probably due to a lack of bearded men among his circle of acquaintances (not an uncommon thing among a certain sort of Christian) leading to an overenthusiastic tendency to see any bearded man as either a hippie or Jesus Himself. But mysterious visions of Jesus, Mary or various saints are not an uncommon occurrence. Jesus has been seen in everything from cloud-banks to potato chips, and that's not even counting all the bleeding statues and other vaguely-related miracles.

So what's up with all the manifestations, and why are they so much more likely to happen to Catholics? Protestants of most persuasions tend to frown on visual images, due to a somewhat exaggerated fear of accidental idolatry. This is probably causing them to miss out on visits from Jesus, who stays away so as not to offend them. He's supposed to be a pretty nice guy, after all, so if the Catholics want a personal visit and the Baptists don't, I'm sure he tries to accommodate them both.


Come to think of it, if any person was so unaccustomed to the sight of a bearded man that he would just immediately assume that person to be Jesus, I think Jesus would probably be willing to work with that too. If he can appear in a potato chip or as a disembodied glowing blue head (see picture above), I have no doubt he could change into Abraham Lincoln if he wanted to.