Drunk Ballerinas

Drunk Ballerinas

"When these ballerinas work out at the barre, they work out at the bar! Tanked in a tutu when Sick, Sad World returns."

Have you ever been drunk at work? I sure have! Hell, I'm drunk right now.


Okay, not really. I haven't had a drink since last night, and that was just one glass of wine. But I've been drunk at work before, usually because I drank so much whiskey the night before that I just couldn't get it all out of my system by the next day. Once I even slept through an entire shift in a phone sales office, raising my head only to make a sales call about once an hour. Due to some miracle, every one of those calls was a sale, which not only saved my job but led the sales manager to tell everyone else in the office to go home and get drunk. On another occasion, I was so drunk on my way to work (on foot, of course! Don't drink and drive!) that I failed to recognize an old friend when she stopped to offer me a lift.


So it's not really surprising to me that ballerinas might sometimes be tempted to indulge as well, that they might sometimes be tempted to indulge too much, or that they might on some occasions end up drunk at work. I don't know if that's the explanation for the ballerina in this video, or if all ballerinas just fall down occasionally, but if a ballerina was actually drunk at work I'm sure this is exactly what would happen.

So don't judge the hard-working and hard-drinking ballerinas of the world. They are only human, after all. And humans are just drunk at work sometimes. It's the way of the world.